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There's certainly nothing like the vintage yachts of the past. Vessels envisioned and created in a time where craftsmanship and ambience meant something entirely different than it does today. It was a time as well as a transportaion and entertainment genre, that was dominated by exclusivity and luxury.

Yes, folks loved the vintage boats then as they do today. In fact, many would love to own one, or have exclusive access to one if it were both possible and affordable. But now, it is! Thanks to Vintage Yacht Experience.

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Create Your Own Yachting Memory


Your evening typically starts with a cruise. Enjoy a cocktail on the aft deck as your Captain escorts you past the sites and sounds of your favorite West Coast venue. San Francisco, Napa Valley, Lake Tahoe and more. Every destination is a possibility.

Then, after your crew has setup your intimate dining experience, we'll leave you alone to settle in aboard, watch a movie or enjoy the evening topsides with a nightcap.

  • Sample: 1939 Stephens Personal Motoryacht
  • Sleeps: Four
  • Amenities: Salon, Galley, Stateroom, Media, Wifi




Nothing beats the couples dining aboard or an intimate repast with friends. The setting is memorable, the reflection off the water is intoxicating, and the memory unsurpassed. Watch a movie in the salon or curl up with a good book or Youtube video in the v-berth. Nothing like it.


If you want to truly escape the hectic life ahore, there is nothing like stepping aboard a vintage yacht. Maybe it is walking on teak or mahogany? Maybe it's the gentle motion of the water against the hull? Either way, you can be hidden aboard while you feel a million miles away.


Whether the memory you make is a unique anniversary celebration or a quiet but successful business meeting away from prying eyes, your time aboard will always be special. Want to give the perfect gift? How about a night aboard or an intimate cruise of the waterfront? Lasting memories? Indeed.
About us
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Wedding nights
Champagne Toasts
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Our vessels in all venues, when not otherwise booked for overnights or with Fractional Use Partners, are available for charter.

Yacht Timeshares

Want an extended time aboard one of our vessels? Become a Vintage Yacht Partner and buy annual Fractional Use Units and reserve early.

Special Events

Whatever type of event you can imagine, from wedding arrivals and departures to honeymoon cruises, our booking concierge can probably make it happen.


If you've never spent an evening aboard one of our vintage yachts and been rocked to sleep by the action of the water below, you must give it a try. Incredible!

Photo Shoots

If you are promoting a luxury brand or need the eye appeal and attention demanded by a vintage yacht or runabout, let us know. Our vessels will make your message memorable.


If you need a private venue for a critical meeting, nothing makes quite an impact like "meet me at my boat". Such a venue says you are serious and also successful.


Personal Motoryachts
Back in the 20's, 30's and 40's, personal motoryachts were originally designed for small groups and commuting between New York and summer homes on Long Island. They have now fully transitioned into the the perfectly intimate venue for a couple, looking to get away and create their own nautical memories.
Flushdeck Motoryachts
Flushdeck yachts are just slightly larger than personal motoryachts and are equipped to accommodate up to six guests in complete comfort. Generally there will be two or three cabins and a salon, galley, and separate berths for crew which can easily accommodate kids or single guests.
In several of our venues plus Lake Tahoe, we have runabouts. These are the smaller, mahogany go fast boats which accommodate between three to ten guests. Runabouts are all about the wind in your hair, the smell of the leather as you sip champagne at 40 MPH, and the envious stares of those ashore who wonder "who is that on the beautiful wood boat"?
Organized Cruises
Sometimes we accommodate larger groups by spreading several guests amongst a collection of vessels. This makes for an interesting caravan cruise past the local waterfront, a destination cruise where all the boats anchor out together, or just a festive evening at the dock where all the guests and boats mingle together.
Why choice us


Thinking ahead about your exclusive cruise, dinner aboard with friends, a movie in the salon, and a good night's sleep is part of the experience. You'll love it!
We are currently in the preparation and configuration phase with several yachts which will coming online shortly. The variety and amenities between each vessel are quite interesting and are sure to please even the most discriminating guest.
Lake Tahoe represents an unusually unique venue all by itself. With an incredible vintage boating legacy, arriving at your destination in one of our Hackercrafts or Grand Crafts, will set you miles apart from the regular summer crowd.

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