The ultimate cruising destination

When aboard one of our vessels in Napa Valley, the focus is always on the journey rather than the destination. That's because, only at a slow cruising speed can you really enjoy and experience the subtlties of the various vineyards and how they wind around between Cuttings Wharf, Downtown Napa, and one of our favorite destinations, the Napa Valley Yacht Club.

Whether you are wine tasting at the docks of the yacht club, or simply cruising down the river as the sun sets, Napa Valley is always an interesting experience from the water. And it looks surprisingly similar now as it did when our motoryachts were commissioned and built a generation ago!

“I believe that the responsibility of the winemaker is to take that fruit and get it into the bottle as the most natural and purest expression of that vineyard, of the grape varietal or blend, and of the vintage.” Robert M. Parker, Jr., Founder of the Wine Advocate

Treasury Wine Estates

Auberge Stanly Ranch Resort

We've partnered exclusively with Auberge Stanly Ranch and Treasury Wine Estates because they know their guests well and understand how to create a unique experience which showcases their resort amenities and their distinctive wine brands.

1948 Chris Craft Sedan Motoryacht

This classic Chris Craft sedan represented one of the most popular personal yachts in the 40's and 50's. It is conveniently outfitted with a large salon and after deck for entertaining, with a galley, head and berths below. It's highight is period correct finishes and accessories.

1939 Elco Flush Deck Motoryacht

This flush deck motoryacht has all the amenities that could make any time aboard, especially in wine contry, absolutely memorable. Well appointed with a large salon, pilot house and spacious fore deck, there is plenty of room to entertain your guests. It also has two incredible master staterooms, heads with showers, and nicely fitted galley dinette.

1941 Mercury Runabout

This racing runabout is one of the last pre-war Mercury's known to exist. It is perfect for use as a water taxi for ferrying guests between vessels and venues in Downtown Napa, Cuttings Wharf and the Napa Valley Yacht Club.