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A Unique Opportunity

As a business, we are fortunate that we have cracked the code and developed an economic model which allows us to acquire vessels in a soft market and sell our unique services in an entirely different market based upon the look and feel of our yachts and the experience we can create for our guests.

Granted, much of this is due to our local boutique hotel and winery partners who sell experiences on our yachts and runabouts as a value add to their high net worth clients. However, it is this exact dynamic, together with our unusual inventory of vessels which allow us to price and deliver our services as a unique vintage yachting experience and subsequently not feel the need to compete as a yacht chartering entity.

Not to remain unrecognized is our proven ability to source high character vessels with an interesting history and getting them configured and prepared for use in intimate cruises, special events, or even overnight stays aboard.

This combination of acquisition, deployment, and operations is what lets us drive occupancy and use rates above eighty percent and cash flows per vessel of $2-3000 a day or more. This is why you should consider becoming a Vintage Yacht Partner! Help us expand into new markets, earn a great tax advantaged return, and get use of our vessels when they are available, at operating cost.

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Partners Are Paid as Vessels Lessors

Our Yacht Acquisition Fund

Since we have a waitlist of future hotel partners and franchisees located throughout the country, we are always looking for vessels and bringing them into our refresh and refurbishment program. To support our purchases, we've created a Vintage Yacht Partner program for investor partners who are seeking a solid monthly return, plus tax benefits, and participation in operations and membership unit sales.

Preparing Vessels for Special Markets and Uses

Refresh & Reconfiguration

The amount of work to outfit a vessel and prepare it for operational efficacy varies from boat to boat. Often we can buy yachts which are virtually turnkey, where we can have them deployed and making money within weeks. Other times, the projects are larger or more exactly and require a couple of months before they are operational. Either way, our goal is the best client experience possible.

We Have Boutique Hotels Waiting

Deploy With Local Hotels

Our local hotel and winery partners represent the key cog in our operation. We do have a memebership use program (known as Vintage Yacht Club) which supplements our occupancy and use rates. However, it is our primary partnera who sell the individual experiences at a rate which generates the cash flow we and our Partners require. Certainly we like the old boats, but it is the net income that drives our business model.

Interested in Becoming a Vintage Yacht Partner?
Partner's Deck
Exclusive Use of our Motoryachts and Runabouts
Exclusive Access to Vessels

For the benefit of Vintage Yacht Partners (investors) who have contributed to the Acquisiiton Fund, all our vessels are availab;e if not previously booked by a local Partner. In addition, we maintain routine access to vessels which are permanenetly docked in Alameda, California in a covered berth at Fortman Marina on Clement Street. This location provides for easy access to San Francisco Bay and venues as far away as the San Joaquin river delta.

On the Water or at the Dock

Entertain Guests

Our vessels are ideally suited to support entertaining groups of up to six at the dock or underway in the Vintage Yacht Club venue of your choice.

See the Sights

Cruise With Friends

With both upper and lower salons, most of our vessels are comfortable for numerous guests and include a spacious master berth and head with shower.

Make Your Own Nautical Memories

Stay Overnight

Most of our vessels include a spacious double berth forward as well as two individual settees which serve as single berths in the lower salon. We aso include working galleys, refrigerators, Keurig coffee makers and an enclosed head.

Frequently Asked Questions
Partner Benefits
  • When I invest, am I secured by just one Vintage Yacht Partners vessel?
    Your agreement to enter the Vintage Yacht Partners acquisition fund represents your participation across all our venues and all our vessels.
  • What Kind of Cash Flow Can I Expect?
    Vintage Yacht Partners in the acquisition fund will recieve an 8 percent lease payment, paid monthly, plus their ratable percentage of an IRC Section 179 tax deduction, per vessel put into service, and participation in Vintage Yacht Club operating income, and a share of membership sales. The sponsors believe after debt service, an annual return to investors exceeding twenty percent is possible. In addition, investor partners will have the right to reserve any Vintage Yacht vessel whenever it is not previously booked and pay only the operating costs.
  • How Can I Become a Franchisee?
    There are circumstances where we will Joint Venture with a local investor to bring the Vintage Yacht Club concept and business model to an individual market. In those cases we will first work to source the right vessels and assist with securing the local hotel relationship. From there, in return for an operating interest, we will license the rights to operate as a Vintage Yacht Club venue and supervise the sale of membership units through our Vintage Yacht Club program.

    Generally, a franchisee will need to be financially prepared to fund their local vessel acquisitions prior to beginning operations.

  • Is it Possible to Open a New Market Myself?
    There are times when we will entertain a relationship with a local partner, who without having the resouces to be a franchisee, would like to assist us with bringing a new market online. We will be pleased to work with these individuals on a one off basis as we evaluate new markets and new opportunities.

    One example of this type of opportunity is with a potential corporate use where we place vessels which can be utilized as meeting and team building venues. If you have an idea about how we can enhance our services or offerings, we'd love to hear it!

  • Are All Yachts Captained or Can I Become Qualified as an Operator?
    All our agreements with local hotel partners, include providing a licensed Captain while the vessels are not at the dock. The only exception is in Lake Tahoe, where after the Port Captain has determined that a Vuntage Yacht Club member is licensed and qualified to operate one of our vessels (typically a smaller runabout), the member may be able to operate the vessel as a bareboat charter.
  • Can I Buy a Vessel in the Inventory?
    Yes, you can always make an offer for one of our vessels. We will regularly recycle our inventory to accomodate ongoing refurbishment, insurance surveys, repairs, haulouts, etc. Should you like to purchase one of our vessels just speak with the sponsors.