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As we are focusing on our first quarter rollout in Napa Valley and Alameda, we're also working hard to secure our North and South Shore bething arrangements for the 2024 season at Lake Tahoe. Our intent is to offer both runabout bareboat charters from the north, a couple of 1950's era Chris Crafts plus our 1941 Mercury Racer, as well as keep our 1949 Chris Craft BOMBAY 'N TONIC, homeported at Tahoe Keys in the south.

In the meantime we're putting some final touches on ELAN VITAL as we prepare it for deployment in Napa. In addition, after new bottom paint in Bethel Island, NIRVANA will also make it's way to Alameda for use with cliub members.

As our flagship in Northern California, ELAN VITAL is likely to split duty between Napa and our downtown Sauslito. Joining her in Napa be IDA MAY, the 1926 Sportfisher formerly owned by comic actor Stan Laurel. This iconic vessel is currently being repowered at Berkeley Marine Center and will be back in Napa in mid 2024. Stay tuned to hear more about new vessels and deployments!

This all means that the time available on this Northen California fleet will be limited so you should act now to secure your membership in the Vintage Yacht Club. Joining now will also afford you a free event aboard BOMBAY 'N TONIC, while anchored out at our buoy this summer plus a few bareboat privileges that will be extended on a limited basis.

If you'd like to hear more about membership, and to receive an application, speak with Grant Sedgwick or Tom Bottenberg.

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SF Bay and Napa Valley Vessels

3 Tokens / Four Hour Window

Motor Yacht ELAN VITAL

ELAN VITAL is hull number 2059 from the Electric Launch Company. A Raised Deck Motor Yacht, she was originally built for the 1926 Boat Show as the first of her class and originally purchased by John Hallenbeck, who named her ALINE. Ten more of this class were built. At that time, ELCO was considered the premier builder of cruising powerboats during what has ofetn been called 'the Golden Age of Powerboat Yachting'. Now ELAN VITAL has been meticulously restored and upgraded to Bristol condition by one of the Bay Area's most prolific Classic Yacht owners and is presented in extraordinary condition for our members and their guests. It boasts two master stateroom and enough room to entertain almost any size party.

  • 62 feet
  • Built in 1926
  • Wine tasting
  • Cruising
  • 4 hour windows
  • Captained

3 Tokens / Four Hour Window

Motoryacht NIRVANA

During the heyday of personal yachting in the 20's and 30's, one particular configuration, known as the Lake Union Dreamboat, was developed in the Pacific Northwest. Built by several different in and around Seattle, these Dreamboats boast a long foredeck with a spacious saloon and aft deck, sometimes enclosed. NIRVANA is an excellent example of the Lake Union Dreamboat, with this example being built by Grandy Boat Works. It includes a large main salon witrh fireplace, a comfortable lower salon with settees to port and starboard, a galley, head and large double, vee berth.

We are finishing a refresh of systems on NIRVANA and expect her to be available by 3rd Quarter 2024.

  • 38 feet
  • Built in 1929
  • Sleeps two
  • Onboard Galley
  • 4 hour windows
  • Captained

2-3 Tokens / Special Events at the Dock Only

Napa Valley:
Motoryacht IDA MAY

We are making IDA MAY, probaba;y the most famous wooden yacht in California, available for special events and wine tasting on the river in Napa Valley. This vessel, now re-powered with electric motors, it's aesthetics and accessories, have been painstakingly restored over the last several years. Currently being repowered at Berkeley Marine Center, it should be back in Napa in the third QTR 2024.

  • 46 feet
  • Built in 1926
  • Sleeps four
  • Onboard Galley
  • Special Events
  • Around Napa Valley

3 Tokens / Four Hour Window

Lake Tahoe:

BOMBAY 'N TONIC, our lovingly restored Chris Craft sedan motoryacht was originally delivered in 1948. It's period correct finishes and amenities will make your cruise, overnight or special event. It will be splitting time between the Napa River and Lake Tahoe for 2024. If you like art deco, this is the vessel for you!

  • 34 feet
  • Built in 1948
  • Seats eight
  • Single V8 Power
  • 4 hour windows
  • Captained

3 & 5 / Four Hour Window

Lake Tahoe:
Mercury Racer LAST ONE

During the boon of classic boating, a smaller boat yard, Mercury, emerged in Los Angeles, California. Known mostly for their utiliies and some runabouts, our nineteen footer, built in a racer configuration, is believed to be one of the last known pre-war examples in existence.

We've repowered it with a small block Chevrolet, making it not only very rare, but also very fast.

It is currently undergoing a refresh and will be available by June 2024.

  • 19 feet
  • Built in 1941
  • Seats six
  • V-8 Power
  • 4 hour windows
  • Bareboat

3 & 5 Tokens / Four Hour Windows

A Word about Lake Tahoe:
Update for the 2024 Season

Our current plans for the 2024 season include at least one vintage Chris Craft Riviera and our nineteen foot 1941 Mercury Racer, plus at least one motoryacht, likely 'BOMBAY 'N TONIC, which will operate out of Tahoe Keys Marina in the South by June 1st. This vessel, will be used for private charter as well as overnight anchorouts at our buoy. We are in active negotiations one or both of these vessels currently.

Priced Per Vessel & Venue
Fractional Use Membership Pricing

The amount of tokens required for particular vessels or activities are shown at the pages for each venue and associated vessel. Tokens are redeemed at the time a reservation is made based upon the amount of tokens required for each activity.

If you prefer a use which is not normally associated with a particuar vessel, contact the office to determine a redeemable token value for each anticpated use.

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