Exclusive Use Memberships

Exclusive Access When You Want it
Fractional Use Memberships

In addititon to booking through our local hotel or winery partners, a select few fractional use memberships are available to individuals who would like additional or extraordinary access to both vessels and venues.

Tokens which are renewable for vessel utilization are available based upon an initiation fee and annual renewals. The texclusive utilization of each individual vessel is priced based upon that particular vessel and the amount of time each vessel is expected to be in use.

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Captained or Bareboat
  • Motoryachts are all Captained

  • Tahoe runabouts can be bareboat chartered

Special instructions for bareboat charters

Our vessels are typically only available on a charter basis with a licensed Captain. Guests who wish to bareboat charter a vessel without a Captain must provide proof of a recognized personal capability to operate the particular vessel they will be operating. Bareboat charters require significant deposits and an indemnification against any possible damage that may be incurred.


Children are welcome but must be chaparoned by adults whenever aboard or near the vessels.

Exclusive Vintage Yacht Club Memberships
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Priced Per Vessel & Venue
Fractional Use Membership Pricing

The amount of tokens required for particular vessels or activities are shown at the pages for each venue and associated vessel. Tokens are redeemed at the time a reservation is made based upon the amount of tokens required for each activity.

If you prefer a use which is not normally associated with a particuar vessel, contact the office to determine a redeemable token value for each anticpated use.

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